a Laravel-based CMS,
from web artisans to web artisans.

It follows few simple rules:
- KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!
- DRY: Don't Repeat Yourself
- PIE: Proudly Invented Elsewhere

So, We love KISSing the DRY PIE :)

Laravel Based

No words needed on why choosing a top level framework like Laravel

Blazingly Fast

Who loves slow CMS?
Soon some benchmarks, but you will see on your own if you try it!


Because the mind of our clients is like a child in a luna parks, junkie by tons of sugar.

Users, Roles, Capabilities.

You can have many users, many roles and capabilities as you want.


You can manage all the media that you need.
An asynchronous system will help you to upload, retrieve and use the media as you wants.

Custom Fields

Every content type can have many different fields.
Yes, because not all the contents are the same. With factotum, you can specify many different custom fields. From text editor, to gallery, throung file and image uploads.



Yes, ready to spread your contents worldwide.


We'll gonna implement a JSON Api Layer soon (just a couple of weeks, please).